About Us

Expression Studio is a creative collective based on the Big Island of Hawai'i with a current focus on filmmaking. We help you tell your story in real life or we can take your footage from afar and work with you to mold it into something powerful.

In addition to filmmaking, we offer creative consultations, creative development, script writing, musical contributions, landing pages, custom web platforms, and much more (just ask!).

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Videography in Puna

Puna can be a tough place to get things done, especially media. Need videos made? Stories told? Fear not! The Expression Studio team is stoked to work with you and get it done.

See our portfolio to see a bit of our styles.

Video Editing on Big Island

Already have footage you've collected? We love editing your video footage! (Let's face it--iPhone footage is sexy these days!)

Expression Studio can collect your footage from you in person, via Telegram, or you can upload and organize it yourself using Storytelling Mode on the PELE Portal.


Our goals are to develop a strong collective of skilled storytellers so that Puna can inspire the world as a community full of abundant and inspiring stories.

Want to work with us? Let's talk! Find us on our Telegram group.

The Crew

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John E